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It's our commitment to innovation and to iteration. It's what motivates us to obsess over our clients' business and to determine creative ways to drive results. It's why we are never done. It's why every day is Day One.


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Adaobi Ugoagu,
Associate Digital Strategist
W600 alexsquare
Alex Resnick,
W600 social media choices 3
Alexis DeBrunner,
Digital Strategist
W600 square2
Alli Friedman,
Senior Account Executive
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Allie Feick,
W600 d1a headshots 600px ali
Allison Lean,
Vice President
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Aly Comingore,
Senior Digital Strategist
W600 d1a jan4 dayones website 2
Amy Gill,
Director, Human Resources
W600 a85i0489 edit 2
Anthony Nitkowski,
Creative Strategist
W600 d1a headshots 600px blake1
Blake Cadwell,
VP, D1A West
W600 d1a headshots 600px brad
Brad Laney,
W600 square
Brian Tsao,
Senior Vice President, Communications
W600 d1a headshots 600px brittany
Brittany Walsh,
Account Director
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Cal Lindsey,
Art Director
W600 screen shot 2016 12 02 at 5.01.09 pm
Cara Dorr,
Vice President, Digital Strategy
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Caroline Hershey,
Senior Account Executive
W600 square1
Celina Pereira,
Art Director
W600 a85i9330 2
Chrissy Goncalves,
Account Coordinator
W600 a85i9683 3
Claire DeYoung,
Digital Strategy Coordinator
W600 square  3
Cody Bryan,
Senior Account Executive
W600 512a2498
Dan Lustig,
Creative Director
W600 2c5a3926 2
Dani Kravette,
Assistant Account Executive
W600 a85i8396 edit  1
Darren McPherson,
Creative Director
W600 devinfeldman square
Devin Feldman,
Senior Creative Strategist
W600 screen shot 2016 12 02 at 5.00.20 pm
Emily Goldman,
Senior Digital Strategist
W600 a85i9662 2
Erin Moldovan,
Digital Strategist
W600 pasted image at 2017 07 28 12 38 pm
Fritz Gilbert,
W600 grace selects square
Grace Kibira,
Associate Influencer Strategist
W600 2016 november d1a headshots grant 5
Grant Wenzlau,
VP, Story
W600 a85i9796 2
Heather Feit,
Executive Vice President
W600 d1a jan4 dayones website
Irene Krahling,
Associate Director, Story
W600 square  4
Izzy Persico,
Account Executive
W600 jacquie
Jacquie Vercollone,
W600 d1a headshots 600px jamie
Jamie Falkowski,
Managing Director
W600 square  5
Jasmine Nesi,
Account Director
W600 squarejen  1
Jen Keegan,
Senior Director of Human Resources
W600 square
Jessica Defilippo,
Vice President
W600 a85i2776 2
Jessica Jeffery,
Executive Assistant
W600 a85i7449 sq  1
Josh Rosenberg,
W600 img 8866 sq
Julia Chappell,
Account Manager
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Kara Gelber,
Senior Account Executive
W600 a85i9250 3
Katie Pfister,
Account Director
W600 square  1
Kayla Frazier,
W600 a85i3210 copy
Keri Fitzpatrick,
Senior Account Executive
W600 keshvar copy
Keshvar Alikhani,
Director, Story
W600 a85i0766
Kristin Compitello,
Account Executive
W600 d1a headshots 600px laura
Laura Barganier,
VP, Communications
W600 laurenh
Lauren Hunziker,
Senior Designer
W600 a85i8059 2
Lauren Maginness,
Account Manager
W600 a85i5097
Lauren Sachs Gordon,
Senior Account Director
W600 square  1
Leah Tobia,
Account Coordinator
W600 a85i7686
Leland Grossman,
Culture & Community Strategist
W600 a85i7716 2
Liz Lieber,
Assistant Account Executive
W600 a85i8504 2
Liz Sheer,
Account Executive
W600 marymackie soc 2
Mary Mackie,
Senior Account Executive
W600 a85i2594 square
Maryanne Milano,
Account Director
W600 a85i4473
Megan Brown,
Director, Digital Strategy
W600 square
Melanie Maltz,
Account Coordinator
W600 img 7756 copy
Michelle Rizzi,
Culture & Community Strategist
W600 a85i9230 3
Mike Guzzo,
Account Coordinator
W600 social media choices 22
Nadia Persaud,
Account Coordinator
W600 a85i7674 2
Natalie Boyajan,
Assistant Account Executive
W600 1 us99tl1pc3d0antqtd80ca
Rachel Albright,
VP of Story
W600 d1a headshots 600px rob
Rob Longert,
Managing Partner
W600 a85i0269
Sabine Fryd,
W600 laheadshots188  1
Sabrina Johnson,
W600 d1a headshots 600px sam
Samantha Stump,
Account Manager
W600 a85i1624 2
Sarah Berkman,
Digital Strategist
W600 sarah
Sarah Tanner,
Senior Account Director
W600 a85i0259
Selina Dorking,
Recruiting Coordinator
W600 a85i8333
Seth Tabor,
VP Executive Producer
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Sophie Krieger,
Account Executive
W600 a85i8256
Spencer Kupish,
Associate Creative
W600 a85i9222 3  1
Stacey Motachwa,
Assistant Account Executive
W600 square  2
Stephanie Johnson,
Operations Manager
W600 pasted image at 2017 05 11 04 41 pm
Tanya Elm,
Vice President
W600 square  6
Taylor Heath,
Account Manager
W600 taylor lott sq
Taylor Lott,
Associate Digital Strategist
W600  3
Victoria Gates-Fleming,
Senior Director of Digital Strategy
W600 a85i5269 3
Vinny Cavelli,
Accounting Manager
W600 a85i5261 2
Yale Buchwald,
Creative Strategy Coordinator
W600 a85i9385  1
Yasmin Daguilh,
Associate Events Director
W600 square crop
Yasamin Haghshenas,
Account Manager
W600 a85i7910 2
Zeny Shifferaw,
Director, Digital Strategy


Our company culture is at the core of everything we do. It defines our vibe. It’s what makes Day One, Day One — each and every day.

We offer a highly collaborative environment where smart and passionate people come together to solve creative communications challenges.

It’s no secret; we work hard — but only on the things we love. From the day this agency was created, we vowed to only work on projects that fire us up. And that’s not changing any day soon.

We emphasize and value our relationships — after all, we're powered by them. Our colleagues, clients and partners are the most important part of our business.

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